All women should feel empowered and confident as they move through the big hormonal shifts of perimenopause and menopause in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Instead, so many of us feel overwhelmed and lost as we suffer through hormone-related symptoms such as brain fog, weight gain, sleep issues, low energy, and low sex drive — to name just a few.

And while the symptoms are draining enough, many doctors simply tell us we’re aging and that’s that. This leaves us feeling hopeless and like our best years are behind us – when, in fact, they aren’t. 

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Meet Your Guide – Luci Harrison:

Luci is not just a personal trainer and Pilates instructor; she’s a holistic lifestyle coach, educator, researcher, photographer, artist, and devoted fur baby mom. Her focus on total well-being encompasses mind, body, nutrition, movement, and lifestyle choices. Luci’s personal experience with perimenopause and overcoming challenges like Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, and Burnout gives her a unique understanding of the struggles women face during this phase.

I’m  passionate of health and fitness and continually learning the latest breakthrough’s in wellbeing and movement, but my most important awaking came during peri-menopause. I’m a woman who has struggled with nearly all the symptoms of perimenopause, so I have had first-hand experience.

Through unwavering determination, I conquered Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, and Burnout..

We’re talking hormonal hell, mood swings, no energy, massive fatigue, weight gain, slow metabolism, low blood pressure, low tolerance to stress, no sex drive, and memory issues. I’m leaving a few off the list but you get the picture.
I’ve struggled with all the most common symptoms, but I’ve solved these symptoms in novel ways that I want to share with you, so that you don’t have to suffer.”

Energize Your Midlife: Tailored Quick Workouts for Women

All women deserve to feel empowered and confident as they navigate the significant hormonal shifts during perimenopause and menopause in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Unfortunately, many find themselves overwhelmed and lost amidst hormone-related symptoms such as brain fog, weight gain, sleep issues, low energy, and diminished sex drive. Rather than receiving the support they need, some are simply told it’s part of aging, leaving them feeling hopeless and as if their best years are behind them. It’s time to break free from this narrative.

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What You'll Gain:

Don’t let perimenopause and menopause be a time of despair. Embrace your power and join Energise you Midlife Program to discover the tools and knowledge needed to navigate this phase with confidence. Luci Harrison’s expertise and personal journey make her the ideal guide to help you reclaim your well-being and thrive during this transformative time. Sign up today to unlock the secrets to hormonal harmony and a renewed sense of vitality.

Together, we'll make midlife truly shine.

About Luci: Embracing Midlife with Vitality

Hey there, I’m Luci – a proud middle-aged woman sharing life’s journey with my spirited Aussie Terrier companion, Baxter. I’m not just a personal trainer; I’m the driving force behind Balance Bloom Pilates and a dedicated Holistic Lifestyle Coach. When I’m not sculpting bodies, I’m seizing moments through the lens as a passionate photographer.

My story begins on a farm, where I imbibed the essence of natural strength. At age 13, a riding accident sparked a lifelong pursuit of pain relief, movement, and overall well-being. Approaching the milestone of 50, I confronted the universal challenges of menopause, embracing the belief in my body’s resilience. However, the trajectory of my life took a transformative turn in 2017.

Through unwavering determination, I conquered Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, and Burnout. This triumph revealed a renewed lease on health and vitality, a treasure trove of insights I’m eager to share.

Movement became my guiding mantra, nourishing foods my essential fuel, and a positive mindset my impervious armour against stress. This journey culminated in the birth of “Sleepy 2 Supercharged,” a platform dedicated to escorting women through a seamless transition into midlife.

I invite you to join me in rewriting the midlife narrative. Together, let’s embrace this chapter, infusing it with energy, resilience, and boundless possibilities. As we navigate this phase hand in hand, together, we’ll make midlife truly shine.


With enthusiasm,


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